Unveiling the Science and Art of Crystal Gridding!
Unveiling the Science and Art of Crystal Gridding!

Join our Crystal Gridding Class for beginners and discover the ancient wisdom and energy of crystals in an interactive and immersive learning experience. Whether you're a curious soul seeking personal growth or a crystal enthusiast looking to deepen your knowledge, this class is perfect for you! 

Ava Maria Grid by Miesja Carlsen

🔹 What is Crystal Gridding? 🔹

Crystal gridding is an age-old practice that combines the power of crystals with sacred geometry to create a harmonious energy field. By strategically placing crystals on a grid, you can amplify their individual properties and create a unified energetic network, enhancing their effects.
Shine Bright Grid by Miesja Carlsen

🔹What You'll Learn: 🔹

✨ Introduction to crystal gridding and its significance
✨ Selecting the right crystals for your grids
✨ Understanding crystal energies and their healing properties
✨ Sacred geometry and grid layouts
✨ Step-by-step guidance to create your own crystal grids
✨ Activating and maintaining crystal grids for maximum effectiveness

Healing Waters Grid by Miesja Carlsen

🔹 Join Us Today! 🔹

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to delve into the mesmerizing realm of crystal gridding. Our instructor, Reiki Master Miesja Carlsen, will guide you through a captivating and hands-on learning experience that will empower you to create powerful grids and manifest positive change in your life.

🔸 Class Details 🔸

Date: April 27, 2024
Time: 10:00am 
Location: 12 Stones And Lavender 2549 Trade Center Dr.  #3 Evans, GA 
Cost: Suggested $10 donation for the Instructor. 
Supplies: Crystals will be provided for use during the class with the option to purchase at a 15% discount at the end of the class. *

Space is limited to 14 people so secure your spot today and unlock the secrets of crystal gridding!  

      Memory Grid by Miesja Carlsen
Creation Grid with Seed of Life and Metatron
by Miesja Carlsen
                                                                                               The Rose Grid by Miesja Carlsen

*Discount only good on items used for griding or at managers discretion. The 15% discount is only good immediately following class and for those who attended class.