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Yellow Jade 

Key Words:

Solar Plexus Chakra
Release Emotions

Yellow, or honey jade, is merely the yellow ray variant of the very common jade stone that is found in deposits across the globe.

Despite jade being a generally common crystal, its appearance in yellow ray energy is considered to be rare, and it takes some very specific conditions for yellow jade stone to occur within the Earth. 

From healingcrystalsco.com ~ "Yellow jade goes by a lot of different names across the crystal market. You may hear it being referred to as lemon jade, or honey jade quite interchangeably. However there actually are some subtle differences between the stones of these labels.

Consider yellow jade to be a bit of a blanket term for any form of jade that falls within yellow ray energy. When the crystal is considerably light in color, and seems to have a tinge of green to it, it’s usually called lemon jade. This is a derivative of serpentine, and looks much more golden than other varieties of this crystal.

Honey jade is another variant of yellow jade, however the color of the stone is richer yet more translucent. It looks like honey, and darker variations may even appear more orange than yellow.

So, does the shade of yellow affect the properties of the stone? Not when it comes to jade. Yellow is yellow, and jade stones possess stable properties across the board." 

 Yellow is the color of warmth, and the color of joy. When working with golden silk jade stone, you’ll be in touch with your inner wisdom, and it will reflect in every move you make in everyday life.

 Confidence, abundance and self-esteem come naturally to this crystal, as does tranquilly and inner peace. 

Yellow jade can be used by anyone who needs to learn to release their emotions in a healthy, stable manner. If you tend to bottle things up, leading to an inevitable explosion every so often, this is a wonderful stone to introduce to your daily life.

The energy of yellow jade is incredibly stimulating, yet simultaneously mellow. 

Yellow jade is affiliated with the solar plexus chakra: the energy center found in the pit of the stomach, just in front of the aorta. This is where we hold our yellow ray energy, so working with yellow stones tends to stimulate this energetic hub.