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Key Words:

Stone of the Heart
Enjoyment of Life
Combines Love and Logic
Helps mind and heart communicate
Stone for Entertainers/Politicians 

Thulite (sometimes called rosaline) is a translucent, crystalline or massive pink manganese-bearing variety of the mineral zoisite. Manganese substitutes for calcium in the structure with up to two percent Mn2.

Judy Hall says that Thulite is a dramatic stone with a powerful link to the life force, stimulating healing and regeneration. Thulite is helpful wherever there is resistance to be overcome. 

Mentally, it encourages curiosity and inventiveness in solving problems and explores the dualities of the human condition, combing love and logic. 

Emotionally, Thulite encourages expression of passion and sexual feelings. It encourages their positive and constructive expression.

Thulite promotes the emotion of joy and the enjoyment of life. It encourages happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, affection, pleasure and joy. 

It is the perfect stone to carry if you are wanting to make new friends or initiate a romantic relationship because it initiates rapport between two people. In conflict, it can help with finding common ground and increase empathy.  

This stone is wonderful for entertainers and politicians because it helps to find the common thread of connection with an audience. Note: it will not cover falsehoods in speech by either one of these professions. Honesty is a must for this stone to work. 

As a stone of the heart it strengthens the vibrations of the heart chakra, aiding in speaking sincerely and acting generously. It increases the frequency of spontaneous acts for the good for of all. 

Thulite marries the energies of heart and mind, leading to an enhanced sense of well being and a brighter outlook according to Naisha Ahsian.  Thulite promotes joy, laughter and lightness of heart and spirit. 

Its frequencies allow the emotional boy to shake off densities and enjoy a higher emotional vantage point. Mentally  it enhances a higher frequency as well, so that you can gain a higher perspective. This ensures that you don't become too entrenched in your emotional experiences.