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Key Words:

Throat Chakra ( light blue)
Third Eye (dark blue)
Communication of all kinds
Public Speaking Aid
Teachers & Communicators 
Communicates through action vs. words

Shattuckite isn't technically a gem. Instead, it's a copper silicate mineral. In most cases, shattuckite doesn't form in crystals. Instead, reniform, globular, botryoidal, and stalactitical formations are more common. However, there are samples of radiating shattuckite that are incredibly striking.

Generally, shattuckite is a translucent stone that readily takes a polish. While its natural luster can range from silky to glassy, once polished, a distinct shine reflects light with ease.

Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Is Chrysocolla a Shattuckite?
If you're wondering, "Is shattuckite the same as chrysocolla?" the answer is "no." While the two gems can come in similar colors and share other visual characteristics, their chemical compositions are different.

Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Shattuckite was discovered in Bisbee, Arizona, by a mining corporation looking for copper in the copper-rich Southwestern United States. In fact, the name of the organization – the Shattuck Arizona Copper Company – is how the stone got its name.

This stone carries a highly spiritual vibration with it. It can stimulate the third eye chakra and the throat chakra bringing them into harmony and alignment. 

Shattuckite enhances communication skills because it stimulates the throat chakra. It's an excellent stone for teachers, public speakers, and others who use verbal communication as a primary work skill. 

The energy from this stone can also stimulate mental and intuitive abilities. This is believed to be so because it works with the pineal gland and enhances the vibrations from this gland believed to be the third eye.  

The light blue works with the throat chakra and communication while the darker blue will work with the third eye and intuition.  Most people chose to work with both. 

It has been said that Shattuckite is a stone of " walking one's talk" ( Ahsian, 439) It stimulates the heart, throat and third-eye chakras, allowing you to model your truth for others. Action vs. words are where this stone shows it's vibration best.