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Pink Tourmaline

Key Words:

Self love

It is highly prized and priced due to its rarity and unique beauty. The rubellite is a transparent gemstone from the colorful family of the tourmalines. Its color can vary from red to violet to pale and dramatic pink. Its name comes from the Latin word “rubellus” which means reddish. It is the most prized and expensive member of the tourmaline family because of its beauty and rarity. Rubellites are one of the few stones, where the presence of inclusions is actually a benefit. 

Another striking quality of the red tourmaline is that it’s pyroelectric, which means that upon heating the stone becomes electrically charged.

These reddish tourmaline gemstones are said to carry strong love energies and bring positivity and good emotion to the wearer. They’re said to promote passionate energy and increase your feelings of positivity. It is believed to bring emotional balance and healing for those who have personal pain and issues.

Rubellite is also believed to strengthen friendship bonds and to promote sympathy and empathy toward others. This makes it both a good friendship present and a great gift between lovers.

Rubellite encourages love of self which in turn assists in promoting healthy relationships.

Rubellite vs. Pink Tourmaline – Are They the Same?

Both are tourmalines and both are pink, so what’s the difference? It all comes down to specific pink shades.

Rubellite can be called a variety of pink tourmaline, but it gets the prestige of having its own name based on the following factors:

1. Rubellite is a vivid, pink-red color but can also be purple or pink. Pink tourmaline comes in a range of pink shades.

2. Rubellite holds its color under various lighting sources and appears red throughout. If the color changes from pink-red to pink, then it’s a tourmaline.

The difference between rubellite and pink tourmaline is hazy and the lines tend to blur sometimes. It’s exactly like pink sapphire and ruby – ruby is a red sapphire that has its own name but the differences with pink sapphire can sometimes blur.