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Purple Aventurine

Key Words:

Spirit Stone
Authentic Self

Aventurine is a quartz with mica inclusions that provide the color and some sparkle. Depending on the type of inclusion, this stone can come in many different colors: blue, peach, yellow and more.  The inclusions that give this Aventurine its purple color is Lepidolite, so it may look like a shinier, lighter version of Lepidolite. Strawberry Quartz and Purple Aventurine also look very similar so it can be difficult to tell them apart, but Aventurine should have either some sparkle, or streaks of white mica visible to the eye.

Since Purple Aventurine gets its purple color from inclusions of purple mica – aka Lepidolite, it holds some of the powerful benefits of Lepidolite such as relieving intense stress and anxiety, lifting depression, and healing heart wounds. When you are feeling down about the course of life and world events, sit with Purple Aventurine and it will lift your spirits.

Purple Aventurine is a stone of inner harmony. Its calm and harmonious vibration stimulate the crown chakra. It awakens us to the awareness of the authentic self.

Like green and blue Aventurine, it promotes balance and alignment of the chakras.