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Key Words:

Enhances focus 
Calm during storms
Protection from storms
Aids in discernment
Aids in activating your will
Clears confusion
Eagles Eye or Tempest Stone

Pietersite, also called "eagle's eye," was named in honor of Sid Pieters who discovered it in 1962 in Namibia, Africa. 
Pietersite can be identified by its distinctive chaotic chatoyancy, caused by brecciated crocidolite inclusions, which appear as golden swirls. Pietersite may have dense or sparse crocidolite inclusions, resulting in a differing appearance. Therefore, it could appear mostly gray-blue, orangey-brown, or an equal mixture of the two.

This stone is very rare and only has two known localities, with only one of them still being active. In the 1990’s a small pocket was exposed in the Hunan Province of China, but was closed a few years later due to the mineral being mined out. The only other known locality is in Namibia, where Sid Peters found the stone over 55 years ago.

Pietersite is sometimes referred to as "the tempest stone", possibly because of its stormy appearance. It is thought to possess a highly-charged energy that enhances focus and personal will. 

Pietersite is said to provide protection from the elements and encourage calmness. Pietersite is protective when driving in bad weather conditions and calms nervous people and animals during storms. 

Pietersite strengthens your personal power and the ability to shine. This stone is useful for improving your self esteem, joy, enthusiasm and courage. Use this stone to have confidence in your perceptions. It's a tool for healing emotional issues involving personal interactions.

Pietersite dispels illusions of separateness and to remove beliefs and conditioning imposed by other people. It links you to the source of your own inner guidance and helps you to recognize the truth or falsehood of other people's words. 

Pietersite dissolves stubborn blockages and clears confusion.

It removes mental and verbal conditioning, beliefs that have been imposed on your by people in authority such as teachers, parents and rule makers.

Pietersite is a supportive and strengthening stone, helping you speak out and assist in processing conflict and suppressed feelings.

Pietersite can ‘light a fire’ under the base chakra, giving you the resolve to take action and change your life. It can help you to become fearless and overcome uncertainty and indecision.

This stone provides and avenue to clearly see through illusions and deception.
Pietersite is a stone of vision.

Pietersite’s energy feels like the highly charged atmosphere of a thunderstorm. It activates mind and imagination.

Source Credit: firemountaingems, & healingwithcrystals.net.au/