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Orange Aventurine
Key Words:
Success and prosperity 
Quiets judgmental thoughts
Aids in meditation
Brings cheerful vibrations
Dissolves energy blockages
Sexual trauma
Joy and Optimism 

Aventurine is a quartz with mica inclusions that provide the color and some sparkle. Depending on the type of inclusion, this stone can come in many different colors: blue, peach, yellow and more. Orange Aventurine is a composed of mica and pyrite, the orange variety of aventurine is rare too.  

Orange Aventurine is considered a stone of good luck, fortune. 

It has been called “whisper stone” since the energy of this stone helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice. It also calms and stills the mind of inner chatter when preparing for and during meditation.

Many claim orange aventurine brings cheerfulness into your life while also promoting a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the home and workplace.  Orange Aventurine can help to promote a relaxed alertness.

Orange Aventurine and Yellow Aventurine share very similar energies. The only difference that we choose to highlight is the grounding potential Orange Aventurine offers compared to its yellow counterpart.

With a deep connection to our Solar Plexus, Orange Aventurine encourages us to realize our personal strengths, but aligns us to a higher vibration ensuring we use our newfound strengths for the right reasons.  

Orange Aventurine also connects with our Sacral Chakra helping to inspire creativity and imagination by dissolving energy blockages and allowing energy to flow more easily.  This may also assist in the healing of sexual traumas that reside in the Sacral area.  Orange Aventurine wants us to feel calm and balanced while it helps manifest success, joy and optimism in our lives!