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Black Laboradorite

Key Words:
Healing for the brain
Dispels Negativity
Magnifies the Positive
Release Trauma
Neutralize Anxiety

Larvikite may flash like Labradorite, but it's actually a unique type of Monzonite that comes primarily from Larvik, Norway. It is distinguished by its inclusions of plagioclase and alkali feldspar which create its characteristic blue and silver flash. Larvikite is usually rich in titanium and can also contain Olivine and Apatite. While Larvikite is relatively new to the general public, Larvikite has a long history and has been mined from the same location in Norway since 1884 and has historically been used for detail work in architecture. Larvikite has been recognized and designated by the International Union of Geological Sciences as a Global Heritage Stone Resource. Larvikite is the correct tradename for this stone, but it is also called Blue Moonstone or Blue Pearl Granite, neither of which are accurate.

Larvikite is a stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change, as well as accept and understand any benefits that may come with it.

This mineral is often referred to as the “worry stone”, as it is a neutralizer of one’s most powerful emotional reaction; anxiety. Larvikite focuses on the positives around you and will help channel the good vibrations within.

It cancels out dark magic and hexes, and repels all forms of negative energy.

Larvikite helps us process the past and release trauma and pain.  It supports us when we desperately want closure.  When closure is possible, it shows us the quickest way forward.  When it isn’t possible, Larvikite holds us steady so that we can accept reality for what it is.  Larvikite encourages us to be more emotionally-aware and in-control.  It increases our aware of our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, as well as our thoughts and emotions.

Larvikite is a phenomenal healing crystal for the mind.  It helps our brains to process complex or new information quickly and easily.