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Nephrite Jade
Excerpt from gemrockauctions.com

Key Words:

Assist those in hospital
Professional Gardeners
Dream Stone

Jade is one of the most universally popular materials in the world, but did you know it comes in two different minerals? You may have seen jade trinkets, jewelry, and carvings before, but the signature green color you’re used to is actually “imperial jade,” or jadeite. 

Nephrite jade is quite different than jadeite and comes in a variety of beautiful colors including yellow, gray, black, and green.

As a jewelry material, Nephrite is ideal because it’s durable and gem-quality. Keep reading as we highlight the meaning, value, price, and uniqueness of the alluring Nephrite jade.

Nephrite jade is a soft, fibrous crystal that’s most popularly used in carvings, jewelry, and decor. Of the two forms of jade, Nephrite is by far the most common and popular. That’s in large part because there are Nephrite deposits throughout China. When you see Chinese jade, you are looking at Nephrite because there actually aren’t any jadeite deposits in China.

There’s been some dispute as to whether or not nephrite is real jade. This is primarily because of the surge of demand for the high-quality, jadeite jade.

Rest assured, although they are different, both types of jade are real.

The meaning of the word “Jade” is a Spanish translation of the phrase “Piedra de Ijada,” which means “stone for pain in the side.” The reason jade has this name is because Nephrite was used for centuries as a healing crystal for body pain.

When the Spanish colonized Latin America, they saw indigenous people holding jade at their sides in order to heal from illness. Nephrite means “kidney,” and for centuries, it was believed to cure people of kidney disease.

Nephrite insulates the shock for the very young and the very old in the hospital or being cared for away from their home or family, temporarily or permanently. (Eason 266)

A natural increaser of prosperity if kept in the cash register or near an accounts computer in a business and near a source of heat such as a radiator. Nephrite will also attract new business to a company ; helpful for all professional gardeners.  (Eason 266)

This stone is a symbol of purity, serenity, and nurturing and is a "dream stone."  Jade stabilizes the personality and integrates mind and body. This stone encourages you to become who you really are, recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey. ( Hall 120)

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