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Ibis Jasper
Brecciated Jasper

Key Words:

Shadow work

“Ibis Jasper” is a trade name for a new Madagascan brecciated jasper.  Breccia (Italian, breccia “gravel, pieces, fragmented”) refers to stones broken apart and naturally cemented back together by another mineral.  They are usually created by weathering or the movement of water.  Breccia are similar to a conglomerate but they have more angular pieces.  Ibis Jasper is fragmented jasper repaired with crystal, chalcedony, or agate, all varieties of quartz. ~  Christopher Lee Matthews 

This stone is named after a riparian crane-like bird from Egypt. The markings on the Ibis Jasper resemble the feathers of this bird. The Ibis bird is associated with the Egyptian deity Thoth, the god of wisdom, scribes, magic, and record keeping.  

Ibis Jasper goes through an intense process of being broken apart, and then mends itself by using other materials from the Mineral Kingdom. Therefore, metaphysically, Ibis Jasper is helpful with PTSD, recovery after trauma, support during stressful times, the push to integrate any energetic work, upgrades, and is helpful in breaking through energetic blockages. It is helpful in healing any fractures within the body systems. This stone integrates dark times and traumatic events into our lives, to rebuild the missing pieces. It is a spectacular spiritual ally in any shadow work. 

Because of the intense way that nature creates this jasper, Ibis Jasper is associated with healing of trauma, support during stressful times, spiritual expansion, positive energetic shifts, and essential personal development

It makes an excellent worry stone.

The message of Ibis Jasper? Do your inner work, which is to explore and integrate your shadows, and you will be rewarded with wholeness, wisdom, faith, and a deeper connection to the creation and the Divine.

SC: sagecrystals.com  madagascarimportseam.com