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Grey Moonstone

Key Words:

New Beginnings
A Women's Stone
Improves Intuition
Women's Emotional Balance
Problem Solving 

Moonstone is composed of two feldspar minerals – albite and orthoclase. They are intermingled as the newly-formed moonstone mineral cools, the intergrowth separates into alternating layers. The adularescence phenomenon occurs when light falls between the flat, thin layers, scattering in many directions. That light interference is what gives it shimmer.

Gray Moonstone is also known as “New Moon Stone” and carries the mysteries and powers of the New Moon, where all things exist as potential. This Gemstone is a powerful magnifier of intention and can help you bring forth creations from the void. This Gemstone has a long history and there are various legends about it in many Countries. It was a present for those in power or people with special status. Also, This Stone is used for religious Ceremonies.

Folklore: People in ancient Rome thought that Moonstone was from solidified beams of moonlight and that the goddess Diana (the goddess of the Moon) could be seen within it. It was a popular jewelry choice as people believed it helped to keep the mind clear and bestowing good fortune to the one wearing it. In India, Moonstone was a traditional wedding gift because it was thought that helps to reconcile estranged lovers (two people wearing it on the full Moon would fall in love.) India’s moon god, Chandra Shekara (which means a *person who wears the Moon_), has a moonstone set into his forehead. During the Art Nouveau period, the stone became popular again thanks to Rene Lalique, a French master goldsmith who created stunning pieces of jewelry with it.

The Purpose and properties of gray Moonstone link to changing the perception and how we see things to be able to find the best solution. It is related to solving problems correctly, so you can try addressing the issues you gave up before. By clearing everything, it’s suitable for people who want to construct new things and hope for the future. 

A Women's Stone: The powers of moonstone are often perceived with the enhancement of emotional balance by enabling a woman to control her anger and negative energies.

Thinking that your world has ended? On the contrary, moonstone carries the tune of "new beginnings", perhaps the most important message for anyone in such a situation. Transfusing the moon's powerful energy to human soul, the stone improves your intuition, lets you get past the melancholy and grievance. Thus, moonstone powers an individual to the 'new' self.

Many people use grey moonstone for removing confusion and improving second sight.

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