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Feather Agate
Plume Agate

Key Words:

Protective Vibrations
Grounding Vibrations
Cleansing Negativity 
Confidence to follow your dreams
Broader Perspective

This is an incredibly beautiful stone and from what I could discover it appears to be a fossil.  Here is an excerpt from IndoAgate.com  ~  

The Indonesian name for this material is Badar Buluh Ayam which translates to Jasper of Chicken Feathers. The published scientific name Discocyclina seems suggestive of a random exhibit of fossils. We have mined and processed several tons of material into slabs and cabs over the years. A typical show of fossils displays similarities with sheathes of wheat, with clusters of fossils fanning out or rhythmically splayed in the orientation were arranged in when they fell to the sea floor millions of years ago.

Rather than "Disco Agate", I thought "Feather Agate" a more appropriate lapidary name. The often gray to jet black background gives offers terrific contrast for the beige to white colored Discocyclina fossils. The tight ornate pattern and tough, nonporous, microcrystalline agate texture make great lapidary products.

Feather Agate has become a popular media for flint knapping, cabochons, bangles and other lapidary and jewelry products"  

Agate is known for its protective properties. The black and browns flowing throughout the stone allows for both grounding and protective vibrations.  It can help you to feel balanced and centered. 

Meditating with this stone can allow you to slow down to see a broader view of the world and any situation you are facing.  This broader view reminds me of the way the fossils fell to the sea floor in just the right way to create a beautiful splayed orientation. If we allows the pieces of our lives to fall where they should they will also create a beautiful display. 

 Feather Agate is a stone that encourages you to follow your heart and pursue the dreams that you have hidden.  Working with Feather Agate offers a passionate connection to the world of hope. 

Agates have a slower vibration that supports a lasting connection with the results you desires. 

They stabilize the aura and cleanse it of all negativity aiding in balance. 

It encourages perseverance and patience, promoting a peaceful environment. 

Agates have a strong connection to the plant kingdom and have the ability to deepen our own connection to the Earth.