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Fluorescent Sodalite/Syemite

Recently discovered in Michigan,  Emberlites are Syenite rocks that are rich in fluorescent Sodalite. These beautiful glowing rocks are typically found along lake Michigan shores. With a 365nm UV light flashlight ( get one here ) these seemingly normal, gray rocks glow a vibrant orange-yellow. 

Syenite, is a class of intrusive igneous rocks essentially composed of an alkali feldspar and a ferromagnesian mineral. A special group of alkali syenites is characterized by the presence of a feldspathoid mineral such as nepheline, leucite, cancrinite, or sodalite (see nepheline syenite)

It is believed that glacial activity transported these emberlites from Canada to the shores along the Great Lakes.  

 As far as the metaphysical properties of emberlites, I couldn't find anything consistent or definitive so I have chosen to leave that open at this time. If I find more information on it in the future I will update.  As this stone is rich in Sodalites, I have found through personal use that it does carry that familiar frequency. If you would like to see more on Sodalite click here.