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Desert Rose
Gypsum Rose
Selenite Rose
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Bring about change

Desert Rose Selenite, also referred to as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, is a distinct crystal formation shaped by the forces of water, wind, and sand. The process involves sand becoming embedded in Selenite blades, while the addition of water over time contributes to the creation of the characteristic "rosette" formation. To enhance the visibility of these petal-like shapes, most specimens available in the market undergo a light torch brushing, although it has no impact on the energy of these stones.

Desert Rose Selenite is a natural and unique crystal formation resulting from the combination of water, wind, and sand. It embodies energies of clarity, prosperity, and purification. This crystal assists in clearing the mind of old thought patterns, allowing the guidance of intuition to flow more freely.

With its gentle, calming, and rejuvenating energy, Desert Rose Selenite aids in stress relief and strengthens one's willpower. It is an excellent crystal for meditation, facilitating mental clarity and purifying the energy of the body.

Given its primarily Selenite composition, Desert Rose Selenite has the ability to charge and cleanse other crystals when placed in proximity to them. It is a stone suited for individuals seeking continuous revitalization of energy. Operating at a high vibrational level, Desert Rose Selenite helps realign the chakra system and promotes the smooth flow of energy by removing blockages between the chakras.

A practice involving Desert Rose Selenite entails holding the crystal and verbally affirming your desires and plans for achieving them in this world. Engaging in this exercise on a weekly basis influences not only your physical actions but also your mental decision-making.

Desert Rose Selenite serves as an excellent addition to crystal grids, enhancing the energy output of smaller stones and facilitating the transfer of energy between different crystals. Furthermore, these rose-shaped formations have the ability to cleanse and charge surrounding stones, making them an essential inclusion in any crystal enthusiast's collection. They can range in size from as small as a pea to several feet in length and width.

Folklore surrounding Desert Rose Selenite tells a traditional Native American tale in which the crystals were believed to be carved by warriors returning from the spirit world. These roses were said to be scattered across the Earth to protect the homeland of these spirits.