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Crystal Starter Collection


You just took a huge step by adding crystals to your natural lifestyle! 

These 10 crystals are a great starter kit that everyone should have in their collection.  While all crystals have unique healing properties, some are more powerful and/or versatile than others.  This list was based on the recommendations from the book
Crystals For Beginners  by Karen Frazier  

In your kit you will find 10 crystals and a selenite wand for cleaning your crystals.

We recommend "cleaning" and charging your crystals by placing them in a sunny window sill or outside in the sun for about 30 minutes. Then they are ready to go! (This is not the only way to clean and charge just a quick way to get you started)

What is included in your kit

These are the crystal that came in your kit and a brief description of what they do. To learn more just click on the name or the picture of the crystal for a more in depth look at that crystal. 
1. Clear Quartz - This stone is a magnifier and an amplifier. It works with every kind of energy. Because it's a magnifier and amplifier of energy, we believe it's best to be used with other crystals. When it's used by itself it can magnify the negative energy just as easily as the good.

2. Smoky Quartz - Serenity and Calmness - Converts negative energy to positive.

3. Citrine - Promotes confidence in yourself, prosperity, and happiness.

4. Rose Quartz - Promotes all types of love in relationships included self love, friendships, parental, and romantic. 

5.Amethyst - Inner peace and relieves stress. Promotes spiritual awareness and is a great stone for meditation and sleep.

6. Black Tourmaline- Protective and grounding stone. Electrical in nature and clears negativity.

7. Rainbow Fluorite - Promotes self confidence, deepening intuition, enhancing concentration and memory.

8. Carnelian - helps with creativity. It improves sociability with approved boundaries and enhances your individuality.

9. Hematite - This is also a protective stone. It assists with grounding and balancing your life while enhancing the feeling of stability.

10. Indian Turquoise - promotes prosperity and clear communication, helps with travel protection and is a talisman of success.

Ways to use your stones 

1. Carry them in your pocket or in your bag.

2. Place them in your living areas, by a favorite chair, or by your night stand for a better nights sleep.

3. Meditate with a stone in your hand or two. Trust your body to choose which stone it is needing at the moment.  ( This can change through out the day )

4. Drop water safe crystals in your bathwater or shower 

5. Place black tourmaline or smoky quartz by the most used door in your home and stop to hold it when you come in to absorb any negative energy from the day. 

6. Place fluorite in your work area to stay focused and a piece of carnelian close by to help with creativity in a work project.

7. Place crystal tumbled chips into a clear test tube or glass then place into fresh filtered water. Allow to rest for 2-4 hours or overnight to infuse the water. Drink the water through out the day.  See Gem Water by... for more detailed instructions. 

This is just a sampling of how to use your crystals.  We encourage you to read and research for more ways to incorporate them into your daily life! 

Your new selenite wand

Selenite is a variety of gypsum from Penfield, New York.  This means don't get it wet! It will dissolve in water.  

Selenite are prized by crystal healers for purification and all types of energetic cleansing because of their pure vibrations. 
Selenite will amplify other vibrations that are in it's proximity.

You can use your selenite wand to amplify the energy of a specific crystal you're working with. For example, keeping a grounding stone and selenite wand next to you on your nightstand. The selenite wand will amplify the energy of the grounding stone and produce a super calming vibration for sleep.  You could also place the amethyst cluster next to or on top of the selenite wand when you want even stronger clarity or stress relief.

You can simply hold your chosen crystal in one hand and selenite in the other, or keep them in close proximity to one another, while meditating. 
Selenite is also used to clear or "clean" other crystals.  You can place your crystals to rest on your wand or simply place selenite around them to clean them after use .  Selenite it's self doesn't need cleaning but I personally recommend charging it in the sunlight as I have discovered they seem to crave the light.

We hope you enjoy your Crystal Starter Collection. A great next step would be to continue to expand your knowledge by grabbing a book or adding to your