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Third Eye Chakra

According to Meteorite-Times, there is a family of remarkably similar (and usually controversial) natural glasses, including, Saffordites (aka” Arizonaites”)Colombianites, Healdsburgites, and Philippine Amerikanites, which I term “pseudotektites”. Placed side by side with the real thing, these look very much like tektites, but they almost certainly are not.

 So what are pseudotektites if they are not tektites?

These pseudotektites are the final survivors of their ancestral volcanic parents in the geologic Garden of Eden. As the strongest bits in the hearts of boulders, they are something of a crowning gem (—and the gemmy transparent lilac ones do indeed facet into spectacular jewels!). Hold one and marvel. It is not a tektite. It doesn’t need to be. It is a stone with its own amazing story. It is one of the final generation of its kind before ultimate extinction. A grandfather boulder-heart!

Colombianite is a lavender gray tektite found in Colombia and Peru.

At first glance,  these small crystals don’t look like much, but they pack a powerful vibration that’s surprisingly grounding.  Found only in South America, colombianite is much rarer than moldavite, and it’s been used by shamans to communicate with higher beings for centuries. 

Although very similar to Safordite, also known as Cintamani, its effects are somewhat milder but it still has one of the highest vibratory rates of any mineral or tektite, second only to Cintamani. It helps lift the veil, opens the spiritual heart, and awakens people to their higher calling in life.

Colombianites are a sacred stone to the Indians from the Muisca tribes and are considered a stone of divine energy. The natives call them "Piedra Rayo," which means "Lightning Stone." They are used to balance oneself and bring into alignment your innate gifts. Connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, colombiantes help you seek spiritual solace and illumination. 

Colombianite is a sacred stone for humanity and is responsible for reigniting the spiritual fire within us. These ancient Obsidian pieces help unlock our hidden energies to form new transformative capabilities. The change will be induced when meditating with this stone, especially inward when looking towards your auric field. The self-reflective power of this stone is enhanced by its ancient energies which can rarely be found in an earthen stone that is nearly 30 million years old.

Source Credit: Meteorite-Times