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Key Words:

For The Present Time
Symbol of endurance 
For Those Without Freedom
Care Givers
Brings Relaxed Attitude
Awakens Analytical Abilities 

Discovered in the 1940s, Charoite was unknown to the outside world until 1978. Its name is derived from the Chara (or Charo) River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site in the world where it is found. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.” The term “Charoite Jade” is a trade name for Charoite used in various applications as a decorative stone.

Why is charoite so expensive?

The highly limited number of sources means that charoite isn't just rare to find but also rare in the market. Russia essentially controls how much is mined and how much actually makes its way out of the country. As a result, charoite can be costly than many other stones.

Charoite is a complex silicate containing elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, barium, strontium, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. It is often found with inclusions of microcline feldspar, aergirine-augite, and tinaksite. Its distinctive color, ranging from bright lavender and violet to deep purple, together with its unusual patterns makes it so unusual it is often mistaken for a synthetic. It is found in massive form in dense fibrous aggregates, and may be translucent to opaque with a slight to moderate chatoyancy and a vitreous silky luster. It is relatively soft for use in rings or bracelets, but works well in other jewelry. It is heat sensitive so steam cleaning and ultrasonic methods should be avoided. 

This stone embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing high energy into union with unconditional love.  It is a stone for this present time, assisting in the here and now and reminding the individual that they are exactly where they should be during this moment. It is a talisman of acceptance and letting go; a “bestower of good,” encouraging service to humanity, and helping us remember to accept ourselves. 

Charoite comes from an area of Siberia once associated with political prisoners and has become a source of comfort and a symbol of endurance in adversity. It grants the courage to start over after repossession, overcomes job loss in an area of high unemployment, and sustains those in prison, boarding school, the hospital or in residential care. 

It is also a support crystal for those who care for the sick or elderly and for adoptive parents to bond with children with behavioral difficulties.

Charoite is a stone of connection for all who work away from home, and for those who live alone with little contact with others. It provides a frequency of emotional healing for those who suffer acute loneliness and alienation from life, and is believed to help ease fears of ill-health, pain and dying. 

Charoite energy is thought to awaken analytical abilities and the capacity for keen observation. It assists in decision-making and facilitates faster responses. It imparts vigor and determination in overcoming obstacles and tackling huge piles of work.

Charoite is a stone for overcoming and releasing fear and negativity. It reminds one to recognize and examine the cause of unconscious fears, as well as deeply rooted, internalized negativity, and to discriminate between what is real and what the mind has created. Its high frequency energy aligns the heart and intellect and allows one to see oneself, and others, through a lens of unconditional love and acceptance. The frequency is carries is said to encourage flexibility and “letting go” of negative vibrations, and inspires one to move forward in relationships and in viewing the world.

Charoite is also beneficial in putting things into perspective and overcoming resistance to change. It helps battle compulsions and obsessions, and tempers frustration and worry. By bringing about a more relaxed attitude, Charoite assists one in accepting moments as they occur and seeing the good in all situations.