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Key Words:

Protective Vibrations
Grounding Vibrations
Stone of Courtesy
Confidence to Socialize
Stone of "Doing"

Dark brown or greenish-brown, weathered variety of the mineral Enstatite with a high luster.  The variety Bronzite is used as a minor gemstone. It often contains inclusions of highly reflective minerals, such as Hematite and Goethite, which give it a bronze-like effect when polished (hence its name). 

Polished Bronzite may also exhibit asterism or cat's eye effect.

Bronzite is known as the “stone of courtesy” due to its energies promoting love, equality, and protection to anyone within its environment.

Its a stone of “doing”, and pushes us to be active and engaged in activities, get togethers, and social gatherings. Bronzite also encourages you to spread your positivity throughout the community and the ones closest to you. Its energies radiate through you so that you may channel these energies into your environment.

 With inclusions of iron, Bronzite is the perfect stone to pair with higher vibration stones. The Hematite and Goethite inclusions will help to pull all that energy and knowledge down to a physical, earthly level so that it may be used for the good of all.

Entering into a situation that is higher stress and anxiety than usual? Carry a piece of Bronzite with you to ground your own frequency to more manageable levels.