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Black Kyanite 

Key Words:

Remove negativity
Cut Energy Ties

According to Conciousitems.com  blog article, Black kyanite possesses the same healing properties as its famous blue-hued counterpart, with the addition of being deeply grounding and acting as an energy shield against harmful vibrations. Like pyrite and shungite, black kyanite is a root chakra stone that's well-known among energy workers. They consider it one of the best stones to help keep energies grounded during crystal healing sessions. This tool protects the auric field from the negative energies released during these sessions.

This dark-colored crystal has the appearance of a hand-held fan or a sea shell, with a rugged and almost flaky exterior. This may be the reason why specimens are commonly called black kyanite blades. Black kyanite will never come as a large crystal, so if you come across a large specimen, there's a high possibility that it is, in reality, black tourmaline. 

Known as the revival stone, black kyanite is truly a special crystal. It has a high vibration, which translates into the ability to remove blockages quickly, and it's one of the few black stones that cannot store negative energies. 

It's a great stone for balancing yin and yang energies in the body, and synchronizing the male and female aspects of your personality, especially when one is overwhelming the other. 

Just like selenite and clear quartz, black kyanite can be used to cleanse and amplify other crystals. Since it cannot absorb energy, crystal experts claim there's no need to cleanse this stone.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and worrying constantly or overthinking, carry a piece of black kyanite crystal with you. Its peaceful energy can have a calming effect.

Holding this stone in your hands while you are feeling stressed or anxious can help quiet your mind. 

Place under your pillow to quiet your thoughts and get a good nights sleep. 

Black kyanite is a fantastic companion for those who are afraid of making bad decisions. It encourages you to keep a clear head, especially in situations of fear, confusion, and misunderstanding.

This is a wonderful stone for communication. Especially between you and co-workers. It inspires loyalty and encourages you to be fair during conflicts. 

It is a great stone for transformation and perspective. Allowing you to shrug off old belief systems as it prompts you to see problems as opportunities.

Meditation teachers believe that meditating with black kyanite allows you to clearly see how the actions you take today will shape your future, making it a useful tool to analyze your present situation and make some course corrections. 

It helps to identify hidden talents and skills, teaching you that your purpose in life is often connected with your innate abilities. The universe has endowed you with them so you can use them to serve the world and understand the real meaning of your life on this Earth.

Using a Black kyanite crystal, trace along the outline of your body. As you do this, visualize yourself cutting the energy strings attached to you.