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Negative Thoughts
Negative Habits
Lucid Dreams

Azurite is not a common or abundant mineral, but it is beautiful and its blue color attracts attention. It has been used by people in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Ancient people used it as an ore of copper, as a pigment, as a gemstone, and as an ornamental stone. It is still used for all of these purposes today. 
rough/raw Azurite

Malachite is another copper carbonate mineral that forms under conditions similar to azurite. These minerals are often found in the same deposit and are often intergrown with one another. This produces a material known as azurmalachite, which, when of high quality, can be used as a beautiful lapidary material. ~ geology.com

azurmalachite (Azurite Malachite) Bracelet 

Azurite, a stone associated with the Third Eye Chakra, grows alongside malachite, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla, holding deep and primordial feminine energy. 

Notably prized by Cleopatra for its perceived supernatural abilities and utilized by Edgar Cayce during his visionary channeling, Azurite also serves to cleanse the subconscious, dispelling emotionally-charged thoughts and negative feelings.

Azurite, a stone that harmonizes the third eye and crown chakras.
 Azurite "Blueberries"

It acts as a powerful aid for lucid dreaming, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to understand their dreams' significance. 

With Azurite's frequency,  dreams can be enhanced and their symbolism decoded. 

This crystal carries a frequency that elevates mental awareness, intellect, and wisdom, empowering individuals to pursue new goals and aspirations. 

As a copper carbonate, Azurite focuses on the mind, purging negativity and promoting mental clarity, leading to the release of harmful thoughts, habits, and addictions.