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Key Words:
Third Eye Chakra work

Arfvedsonite is a rare and beautiful mineral sought by collectors and healers alike. Arfvedsonite is a rare mineral which crystallizes into a monoclinic prismatic structure. The formation of Arfvedsonite’s crystal structure can be described as fibrous, rectangular needle-like prisms with a parallelogram as a base.  Its color ranges from black to bluish black.

 In the metaphysical world, Arfvedsonite is considered a powerful tool for psychics and expanding one's consciousness.  It is highly sought by psychics, healers and those looking to work on expanding the consciousness, particularly through third eye chakra work.

Arfvedsonite is considered an essential and powerful crystal for psychics, healers and those wishing to enhance their connection to the spirit world. It is thought that Arfvedsonite aids with developing psychic abilities and seeing into the future

But you do not have to be a psychic to appreciate the benefits of Arfvedsonite; this crystal reminds us to look to the future with hope and excitement rather than fear of the unknown. We can restore our child-like optimism about tomorrow and relieve the adult pressures of worrying 10 years, 20 years down the line.

As we brighten our view of the future, a brighter future becomes possible. So, Arfvedsonite also is a stone of manifestation - it helps us to divine a self-fulfilling prophecy of the most positive nature. 

Use Arfvedsonite at your Throat Chakra to strengthen your communicative energies. While organizing your thoughts, the stone allows you to effectively communicate your core message to the world.

Arfvedsonite is related to Sugilite and often Arfvedsonite occurs with Sugilite. Its healing properties are often compared to Nuumite.  

It is often confused by or called Astrophyllite.  Click here to learn the differences including price!