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Key Words:

Voice true emotions
Release emotional baggage
Calming and Soothing 
Swimming Lessons
Quieting External Thoughts

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-green stone that derives it name from a combination of two Latin words: aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea - the color of the sea. It is the birthstone of people born in March. 

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family and gets it's greenish blue to blue color from trace amounts of iron.  Most natural aquamarine has a greenish blue color. Gentle heat treatment can remove the yellow color commonly found in aquamarine and transform the gem's color to a more pure and more valuable blue.

Ancient Lore has it that aquamarine was part of a mermaids treasure and sailors carried it for protection believing that it would prevent drowning. 

Experts state that aquamarine is a calming and cooling stone.  Easing both hot flashes and hot tempers. 

It's soft blue colors activate the throat chakra and aids in communication. Helping express one's highest truth. 

The gentle energy helps even shy children communicate more effectively but not necessarily more talkative. 

This is a stone of quiet empowerment.  It harmonizes well with other beryls such as Morganite .  Paired together they assist one with expression of love and compassion. 

Working well in the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and is an excellent stone for anyone that has to speak in public, present, or teach classes of any kind. It brings reassurance that the speaker can articulate ideas clearly.

Aquamarine is also a cleansing stone. Offering a gentle vibration that clears the blockages in the throat chakra allowing one to offer more compassion to others and less judgment of them.

Being so closely associated with water and the sea, it is a great stone to have with you while learning to swim or a day out on the water. 

Due to it's deeply cleansing energies it allows one to move quickly through change and transition. By aiding the voice, this stone gives one the ability to articulate any negative emotions or negative thoughts relating to the changes and transitions thereby releasing them in a healthy manner rather than hanging on to them. It's is a great stone for anyone who is working on releasing emotional baggage or trauma. 

Aquamarine is a wonderfully calming stone for mediation and helps to sharpen our intuition by quieting our external thoughts and turning more to inward awareness.