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Apricot Agate
Pink Banded Agate     Pink Botswana Agate     Pink Carnelian
Key Words:

Relationship Trouble
Uncontrollable Situations
Supports Inner Strength
Deepen the bond between
parent and child
Calmness of Mind

Apricot Agate, also known as Pink Banded Agate, Pink Carnelian, and Pink Botswana Agate, derives its name from the lovely pale pink and orange bands resembling apricots.

Technically, Apricot Agate is a variation of Botswana Agate, primarily found in Botswana, Africa. Its distinct bands are formed by different layers of lava gradually settling over time. The name "agate" itself comes from the Italian river "Achetes" in Sicily, where it was first discovered by ancient civilizations. Apricot Agate, a type of Botswana Agate, earned its name due to the pink and orange colors resembling apricots.

This gemstone is renowned for its properties of Protection, Calm, and Balance. It exudes a sense of serenity and inner strength simultaneously. According to legend, ancient warriors wore Apricot Agate on their armor for protection and strength in battle.

It is especially known for safeguarding relationships, particularly between parents and children, and shares the balancing and stabilizing qualities with Botswana Agate.

In addition to its protective attributes, Apricot Agate has the following properties:

*Induces calmness in both mind and emotions.
*Alleviates stress and distress when dealing with uncontrollable situations.
*Facilitates a connection between the spirit and emotions.
*Apricot Agate fosters strong bonds and aids in bringing parents and children closer together, promoting a sense of calm and grounding.

To utilize Apricot Agate's benefits, it is commonly available in tumbled form to showcase its beautiful banding. It is recommended to carry it in your pocket or bra to keep it close to your heart for enhanced effectiveness.

If you are facing relationship troubles or experiencing overwhelming negative energy, Apricot Agate can help ease the situation and shield you from absorbing harmful energies.

Cleansing Apricot Agate is a straightforward process, as with most agates. It can be safely submerged in water or exposed to sunlight for cleansing.