Apache Tears

Key Words:

Helps to release grief
Protection against negativity
Gently transmutes emotional negativity
Removes self-limitations

Apache Tears are a variety of Obsidian, a silica-rich, glassy volcanic rock with a water content of less than one percent. Their name derives from a story about an Apache Indian tribe pursued by cavalry. It is said that the warriors were forced over a precipice to their deaths and that the dark tears of grief of the Apache women solidified into the droplet - shaped stones which can be found in that area.

Apache Tears are roundish and usually semi-transparent and are black-brown in color. 
Apache Tear resting on a light.

Like most types of Obsidian, Apache Tears can be used for grounding and for protection from negative energies. Their size makes them easy to carry in a pocket or hand bag. 

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Obsidian, this stone gently brings up emotional negativity for transmutation and is excellent for protecting the aura. 

Apache Tear on a flashlight showing the translucency.

This stone stimulates analytical capabilities and removes self limitations. 

Apache tears facilitate the processing and releasing of frozen emotional patterns. The are great helpers when you are trying to uncover negative behavior patterns and emotional blockages. 

Meditation with apache tears can open the gates of grief. It helps to allow the cleansing and release of feelings and woundedness or victimization.

They can be a sort of "vacuum cleaner' for negative vibrations, keeping one clear by magnetizing and neutralizing disharmonious frequencies.  They work really well with Smoky quartz and black tourmaline red garnet, and others. 

Rhodochrosite can assist Apache Tears in awakening one to forgiveness and release.