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Amazon Stone

Key Words:

Creates Inner Harmony
Speaking Intentions
Speaking One's Truth
Helps calm the brain and 
The Nervous systems

Amazonite is actually a variety of green or greenish - blue potassium feldspar. The Amazonite, also known as Amazon Stone has always been prized for it's pale green beauty and healing qualities for thousands of years. 

Amazonite jewelry has been found dating back as far as 4000 years ago! It has been used in India, Egypt, Sudan, and Mesopotamia and it was found in King Tutankhamen's tomb in the form of a scarab ring.

Amazonite is said to be a stone of harmony for both within yourself and with others. It operates within the throat chakra creating a peacemaker within by helping to voice one's true thoughts without drama. It continues to the heart chakra enabling compassion for the other person to rise up thus creating the peaceful vibration between yourself and others.

Said to also be a stone of truth, it can help you to speak your true dreams and desires out loud setting the stage for manifesting those dreams and visions. Words contain power and Amazonite helps to voice our intentions thus giving energy and "life" to them.

Amazonite is great companion stone for those who are having trouble speaking their truth out loud or to others. It's also helpful to have when two people are in conflict.  It can enhance verbal communication without the drama and allows each person to see the other persons side of things.  It does this by working within the throat and heart chakras simultaneously. 

Helping with the heart chakra, Amazonite makes great gem water. However, due to it's high content of lead it is recommended to place in a glass tube or bowl (indirect method) rather than placing directly in the water (direct method). For information on gem water check out our Gem Water Collection. 

Believed to carry a soothing vibration, Amazonite helps to calm the brain and nervous systems. Alleviating fear and worry. 

Amazonite is believed to promote harmony and balance in relationships. It is said to help you connect with others on a deeper level and cultivate understanding and empathy.

Amazonite is said to help build courage and self-confidence. It is believed to help you overcome fear and take action towards your goals.

Overall, amazonite is a stone that is associated with calming, communication, courage, harmony, and manifestation. Its beautiful blue-green color and gentle energy make it a popular choice for multiple uses.