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African Turquoise
African Jasper        Stone of Evolution

Key Words:

New Opportunities
Bring about change
Balance past and future
Ease Mood Swings
Helps to create a more positive outlook on life

You might be surprised to know that  African Turquoise is not actually 'genuine' turquoise. It's actually made from jasper, a type of chalcedony similar to agate. The natural patterns with Jasper are irregular and more opaque than agate due to the presence of quartz. This makes the structural integrity of African jasper far more durable and robust than turquoise.

The stone is often treated to give it that rich blue-green color we love about traditional turquoise. Its beautiful black and brown webs and spots make this stone a beautiful substitute for the more expensive traditional turquoise.

African Turquoise is also called The Stone of Evolution.  It is said to help you to bring about necessary change in your life and open you up to what the future will hold for you. 

It opens the mind to new ideas and endless possibilities.

African Turquoise has helped many people ease mood swings and soothe feelings of emotional aggravation resulting in a more positive attitude towards life.

This frequency helps you to balance your past and your future by accepting the past and opening your heart to a new future.  A stone of the Third Eye Chakra, it helps to open your eyes and mind to new ideas and your true purpose. 

Carry it with you, and let it bring vibrations of reassurance as you explore new opportunities.